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Dog walks on your doorstep

Pets are part of the family here at Risby, from looking after sheep in our spare time to team dogs who come to work with us on site, we love them all.

Often when you move into a new home, it can mean big changes to the whole family, even for your pets as they get used to life in a new home with extra space and new smells. We’re always happy to help make a new home just what you need, including what your pets need.

Before moving into their new Shepherd’s Rest home, Neil and Izzy asked us to help their two dogs easily wander from the cupboard space under the stairs into the utility room. We were more than happy to assist and created a bespoke cut out for them to move through, which they love.

Neil said: “Realising we could make better use of the space under the stairs, we worked with Olly and the team at Risby to figure out a plan for the dogs to access this space from the utility room. It meant the dogs not only got their own den but we also didn’t lose any floor space.”

A dog-friendly home isn’t the only thing to consider if you’re a dog owner. One of the first things you need to discover when you move home is your new local dog walks, from quick around the block loops before work to long leisurely weekend hikes.

Here on the south side of Beverley, we’re blessed with a host of walks to choose from. In honour of National Pet Month, we’ve asked some of our new Shepherd’s Rest residents in Beverley to share favourite walks they enjoy from their doorstep. 

Jackie, who runs a dog training class on the Lincoln Way playing fields next to Shepherd’s Rest, said: “I moved to Shepherd’s Rest just over a year ago. I don’t think anyone could have predicted 2020 however one of the positive aspects that’s come out of the last year is the extra time spent with our pets. I have two dogs who both enjoy dog agility and using canine hoopers. 

“Shepherd’s Rest is ideally placed for walkers whether walking with a dog or not! It’s close enough for a stroll into Beverley town centre and there are a wide variety of walks to choose from including a short walk up to Millennium Orchard via Shepherds Lane or those that take you to Walkington and Risby. One of my  favorite walks has to be the Westwood, especially at this time of year when the trees are blossoming and the bluebells are beginning to come into flower.” 

Looking for a Beverley dog walk, why not try one of these?


Butt Farm is a working family farm situated two miles out of Beverley and only 10 minutes from Shepherd’s Rest. Head left out of Shepherd’s Lane towards the Morrisons roundabout and walk down Victoria Road, taking a right at the end towards the farm.

While you need to keep your dogs on a lead, once you get to the farm and cross the first field you can let your dogs run free as you head across the fields.

Wellies or walking boots are necessary here as it can get quite muddy. Choose how long you want to make your walk taking a right hand turn towards the top of the Westwood onto the Walkington road or a left up the hill which takes you up through a beautiful wooded area, often with bluebells, snowdrops and the smell of wild garlic as you head towards Walkington playing fields and park. 


Step out of Shepherd’s Rest and turn right to head down Shepherd’s Lane. Use the crossing to walk over the bypass and you’ll soon be on a beautiful lane with field views either side. It’s amazing how five minutes down the road you can feel like you’re in the middle of the countryside not a bustling market town.

Carry on for a mile down this lane and you’ll meet Beverley Parks, home to the Millenium Orchard.

A 49-acre local nature reserve featuring an orchard, a small wood and two fields which are being restored to a traditional parkland landscape. Beverley Parks was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2006 in recognition of its wildlife value and importance to the local community.

Beverley Parks is part of Old Hall Farm smallholding, lying within a former deer park that surrounded much of Beverley during Medieval times. The site dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086.

The Millennium Orchard is one of the largest, non-commercial orchards of northern varieties of apples in England. It was planted in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium in partnership with the East Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes.

Walking to Beverley Parks, through the orchard and back to Shepherd’s Rest is about a three mile walk. 


Watch out where you’re walking, cows are crossing!

Beverley’s most infamous playground is its lush 500-acre Westwood pasture, Beverley Westwood.

Home to hundreds of grazing cows, a racecourse, golf course and the remains of a medieval forest, the Westwood is in equal amounts a hive of activity and place to escape.

Shepherd’s Rest to Beverley Westwood is about a 20 minute walk, which you can access from many routes.  

One of our favorite ways to get there is to head north out of Shepherd’s Rest towards Victoria Road and up to Normandy Park, a hidden park with a host of activities for the kids including a basketball court and bike ramp.

To the right of the park is a secret path taking you directly onto the Westwood. Tracing the back of the Poplars Way estate you’ll arrive at a large field behind Beverley golf course. This field is perfect for letting your dogs exercise off the lead.

The beauty of Beverley Westwood is there are always new walks to explore. It’s so vast you can head a different way and discover new paths every time you visit.

You can make your walk as long as your legs can take. If you’re after a longer walk, adventures await at the furthest corner where you’ll find Burton Bushes, with magnificent oak trees being all that remains of a medieval forest.


The Risby Round is, as the name implies, is one of our favourites.

A three mile circular walk which explores the deserted village of Risby and includes lakes, woodland and lovely countryside views.

The foundations of Risby Hall can still be seen today, home of the Ellerker family between the early 14th and the late 18th centuries it was destroyed in a fire in the 1780s.

The walk starts from the Folly Lane Cafe, which is about a mile from Shepherd’s Rest, down the A164 road towards Cottingham.

Picking up footpaths you’ll head west toward the medieval village, along Dunflat Road. Another footpath will take you north past the site of the village before joining another path to take you east past woodland. Turn south past Low Daw Hill and Folly Wood where you’ll soon arrive back where you started.

Do you know of any other great walks for dogs nearby? If you’ve got more to add to our list, please let us know, we’d love to include them.

If you’re interested in finding out about Shepherd’s Rest and the homes we’ve got available, please contact trina@risbyhomes.co.uk