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Get the show home style

A show home is great to give you an idea of everything your house has the potential to be. Finished to perfection with the latest fixtures and fittings, it showcases what’s possible and provides inspiration worthy of a Pinterest board.

Based on our latest show home on our Westcote Farm development in South Cave, we’ve put together a list of top tips on those finishing touches that can help you to recreate the look.


Risby’s top tips to create show home quality style:


Bring the outdoors in

There’s something calming about being in the great outdoors. The fresh air and open space that comes with exploring the countryside gives a sense of peace and tranquillity, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This feeling can be emulated in your own home by introducing features crafted from natural materials.

An easy way to tap into the trend is to invest in key features made from naturally sourced wood. Risby source all materials from carefully selected suppliers based on their values and standards to ensure the very best quality. Hardwood doors like these give a nod to the style, whilst custom-made designs are available for those looking to experiment with a range of textures and raw materials.

A mixture of plants and botanicals around the home is a way to work the trend without committing to larger pieces of furniture or installations. As well as looking good, plants can also create a feeling of wellbeing and even reduce stress.

Find a statement piece

Buying a great statement piece forms a focal point to any room, catching the eye and creating real show home style. Having a leading piece of furniture also makes it easier to decorate the remainder of the room, with minimal additions often working well so not to upstage the main feature.

Though some invest in more expensive statement pieces, you don’t necessarily have to spend tonnes of cash to find something unique. If your style errs towards the retro side, why not pick something from your local antique store? Alternatively, find a statement piece whilst on your holiday to create a cultural feature that is unique to you.

Features made from unusual materials often work well, with Risby opting for a mirror made from driftwood to create a rustic feel to their show home.

Add a kitchen island

As well as looking good, kitchen islands can be incredibly functional in terms of space and storage. Though not a new trend, the size of islands are increasing, as the popularity of higher storage spaces decreases in a bid to introduce more natural light.

With islands becoming a key fixture in homes across the country, companies are getting more creative with functionality. Wine racks, visible shelves, drawers and storage racks are just some of the choices you can pick from when it comes to deciding on your own kitchen island.

The Westcote Farm show home has incorporated storage cupboards and drawers in their show home to create more of a spacious feeling to the kitchen area, as well as pull up electrical sockets for even more functionality.

Risby also offer personalised kitchens and bathrooms in all homes to give homeowner’s the chance to create the home of their dreams.

Invest in a statement bath

A luxurious bath is on many a homeowner’s wish list. Creating a focal point that adds a touch of style and personality, a stand-out bath makes a statement in any bathroom.

Available in a variety of designs, a good bath can transform your life – giving you space to relax and unwind away from the family, providing a space some much-needed alone time.

Risby’s Westcote Farm show home features a niche built-in bath that contains a unique gap in its body to display greenery or even act as storage. They also add their own touch by tiling the baths, rather than using standard bath panels. Find a similar style here.

Create a sense of space

Clever use of glass and natural light can work wonders in creating a sense of extra space.

French doors, as displayed in the Westcote Farm show home, invite the outdoors in and allow spaces to draw on the outside world – in turn adding to the overall feel of the home.

The Risby show home also makes use of glass in its stair bannister to create the illusion of extra space.

Skylights are a great way to help a room to feel larger, as well as mirrors – which reflect natural light to help a room appear bigger.

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