Risby Homes

Show home tours & visiting your future home

You’ve done your research and planning, now it’s time to set foot on the plot yourself. Make the most out of your tour with our sales manager on what you should be looking out for when visiting the area, to make sure you’ll be buying a home that’s right for you.

What to look out for

When you go on the tour you may be shown a show home, which will give you an idea of what your home will be like. Here are a few things to look out for when viewing the show homes:

Take note of which way your house will be facing, as it can affect the amount of light in the house and how much light reaches plants in the garden if there is one.

Look at the ways we can maximise the amount of light coming into the house too, if your house will be north-facing for example.

Living space is an important factor for lots of home buyers, and if it something that’s important to you it may be a good idea to bring a tape measure, so you know exactly how much space you’ll want in key rooms like the living room and master bedrooms.


Useful things to ask

You may have some questions to ask our sales manager which is great, here at Risby Homes we want to help create your perfect home in every way we can. If you don’t know what to ask however, here are some things we may be able to guide you on:

Find out the timescale for your build, when work will begin and when you should be able to move in. This will make it easier to plan your move and organise your time better, so the process is a lot smoother.

You may want to know what kind of people are buying sites around yours, so you can be sure you will fit into the surrounding community.

Enquire about what facilities are close to the development and think about how important it is for you to be close to them. You may prefer to be in a busy part of town, with fashionable bars and restaurants nearby, or you may want a more peaceful environment.

Want to know what schemes are available to you, to make our houses more affordable? Ask our sales manager for information on Help to Buy for options available, or you can read our article on Equity Loans if that applies to you.


Final considerations

If you’ve considered everything above, here are some final things to consider whilst on the tour:

  • Have you viewed the area at least twice? We recommend spending at least half an hour in the area per viewing, at different times of day to get a feel of what it’ll be like living in the area.
  • Have you spent significant time investigating the area surrounding the house, and the local neighbourhood? Think about how convenient shopping will be, the quality of local schools and if there is anything nearby that could become noisy late at night?
  • Do you know what kind of people you want to be living near?
  • What would the commute to your job be like, how far away is it and will you be travelling a major commuter route? Don’t forget to check whether the house itself is close to a busy commuter road.

You should now be prepared for your tour, however, if there are any further questions you need to ask, feel free to contact us or your financial advisor for more information.