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Phase three of Shepherd’s Rest released

As we’re now moving out of lockdown and the property market starts moving again, you may be getting ready to move house. But we know that it’s still a nervous time for some and buyers have a lot of questions. What’s changed? Is it safe to visit a show home? And what about financial concerns?vWe’re here to answer these questions and provide you with the most up-to-date information from our site and sales teams.

1. What’s changed?

  • Strictly by appointment only – we are not allowing passers-by to visit the show home/sales office. Our sales office is now open 10am – 4pm, Thursday – Monday and you’re able to come and visit by appointment only. This is being done to limit the number of people coming in and out.
  • Arriving safely:  Ample parking is available and we’ve ensured that there’s a safe distance between cars. Our Sales Manager, Trina, will welcome you and will be sat behind a screen during your visit to maintain social distancing.
  • The buying process: The buying process is still exactly the same. However, there are safety measures now in place with regards estate agent appointments and viewings. Everyone is working hard to make sure that you are safe and feel comfortable.

2. Is it safe to visit a show home?

  •  The short answer is: yes. We have been careful to introduce a series of new measures that will keep both staff and visitors safe.
  • Limited number of viewings – we’re reducing the number of people entering the show home at one time. Booking your slot will make sure we can manage numbers safely and efficiently. We are taking details of each customer for track and trace purposes.
  • Staying safe inside: Masks and hand sanitising stations are now available upon arrival. We’re also advising that visitors don’t use the toilets at the show home and avoid touching door handles, where possible. You’ll be guided through the show home, as normal – with social distancing measures in place, of course.
  • Health concerns: If you have booked to come and look around our show home, but have since experienced health problems, please do let us know. Rebooking your slot is a simple process.

3. I have financial concerns about buying a property, what can I do?

  • It’s been a strange and uncertain time for us all. But please be assured, purchasing a home through Risby Homes is a safe and secure process. We’re a family-run, local developer that really cares about our buyers. We know it’s hard to find the ‘dream home’. So if you decide that one of our properties is the one for you, we can help make your dream home a reality. If you have any financial concerns just let us know. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so any question or worry you may have – we’ve undoubtedly heard it before.
  • We work with Stanifords estate agents, who are also on-hand to provide advice and recommend trusted financial advisors and solicitors.


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to discuss your move, please get in touch with our Sales Manager Trina Henderson on: trina@risbyhomes.co.uk or 07376 110 229.